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  1. Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT?

  A. How strange feelings they are!

  B. How dare you speak to me like that!

  C. What noise they are making!

  D. What a mess we are in!

  2. His remarks were __ annoy everybody at the meeting.

  A. so as to

  B. such as to

  C. such to

  D. as much as to

  3. Tim's brother is __ than him.

  A. much more sportsman

  B. more of a sportsman

  C. more of sportsman

  D. more a sportsman

  4. The experiment requires more money than  __ .

  A. have been put in

  B. being put in

  C. has been put in

  D. to be put in

  5. The Clarks haven't decided yet which hotel __ .

  A. to stay

  B. is to stay

  C. to stay at

  D. is for staying

  6. Which of the following sentences expresses WILLINGNESS?

  A. By now she will be eating dinner.

  B. I must never do that again.

  C. I will help you with the luggage.

  D. You shall get a promotion.

  7.__time, he'll make a first-class tennis player.

  A. Having

  B. Given

  C. Giving


  8. I was very interested in__she told me.

  A. all that

  B. all which

  C. all what

  D. that

  9.__I like economics, I like sociology much better.

  A. As much as

  B. So much

  C. How much

  D. Much as

  10. He would have finished his college education, but he __ to quit and find a job to support his family.

  A. had had

  B. has

  C. had

  D. would have

  11. A hibernating animal needs hardly any food all through the winter,__?

  A. need it

  B. needn't it

  C. does it

  D. doesn't it

  12. The central provinces have floods in some years, and__.

  A. droughts in others

  B. droughts are others

  C. while other droughts

  D. others in droughts

  13.__him to your birthday party this weekend?

  A. Why not to invite

  B. Why don't invite

  C. Why not inviting

  D. Why not invite

  14. If there were no polysemy, Chinese __ much easier to learn.

  A. will be

  B. could have been

  C. would be

  D. would have been

  15. In “He will come to learn driving from you", the infinitive indicates__ .

  A. cause

  B. purpose

  C. result

  D. direction

  16. Throughout our lives, mothers are there with an encouraging word, a sympathetic ear, and a(n)__heart.

  A. obedient

  B. tame

  C. tender

  D. temperate

  17. The principal stressed multimedia teaching would never replace the one-to-one__between pupil and teacher.

  A. perceptions

  B. consultations

  C. interactions

  D. interruptions

  18. If we__in this practice, gradually we'll learn how to express ourselves in English.

  A. insist

  B. adhere

  C. persist

  D. maintain

  19. The railway station was criticized for its lack of disabled__.

  A. equipment

  B. facility

  C. instrument

  D. appliance

  20. Choosing a car is like choosing a dress. You should not only read the price__, but also consider the image it conveys.

  A. tag

  B. brand

  C. label

  D. trademark

  21. As a(n)__of thanks, we will offer you two free round-trip tickets to Hawaii.

  A. symbol

  B. badge

  C. attribute

  D. token

  22. Photography is strictly__in the cathedral.

  A. forbidden

  B. rejected

  C. excluded

  D. denied

  23. Under the agreement, all trade barriers between the two countries will be__by the end of this year.

  A. abolished

  B. canceled

  C. eliminated

  D. disposed

  24. The football match was __ because of the heavy rain.

  A. called off

  B. called up

  C. called out

  D. called over

  25. He was almost __ to Jack, but somehow looked a little shorter.

  A. equal

  B. equivalent

  C. identical

  D. parallel

  26. When you vacate the room, you should __ the door key to me.

  A. hand in

  B. hand out

  C. hand down

  D. hand over

  27. He __ considerable influence on the thinking of the scientific community on these issues.

  A. exerted

  B. exalted

  C. excelled

  D. exiled

  28. He was appointed chairman of the department in __ to Mr. Chen.

  A. recession

  B. succession

  C. confession

  D. concession

  29. Both approaches agree on what is depicted in the poem, but not on how it should be  __ .

  A. explained

  B. illustrated

  C. interpreted

  D. accounted

  30. The bank will have to __ that you are the owner of the property.

  A. certify

  B. confirm

  C. testify

  D. verify




  such as to为固定词组,意为“如此…以至于…”。


  be of+名词结构表示“是某类物(人)”,比较级形式应放在of前面、be后面。




  动词不定式与其所修饰的词之间存在动宾关系,如果该不定式是不及物动词,其后应有必要的介词,所以排除to stay而选to stay at。





  先行词为all,she told me为其定语从句,因此要用that引导。


  as much as表示“和…一样多”;so much表示“许多”;how much表示“有多少(修饰不可数名词)”;用as引导让步状语从句时,常把形容词或副词置于句首。


  前面是would have done结构,因此后面的时态应该是一般过去时。














  disabled facility 残障设施






  call off意为“取消”,call over意为“点名”,call叩意为“打电话给,召唤”,call out意为“召集”。








  What do you think of bicycle sharing? Is it a positive or negtive development?


  Sharing a bicycle solves the problem of the last mile in the journey. Green travel, low-carbon and environment-friendly. Bike travel saves energy, reduces pollution, and has a wholesome effect on health. Residents say they will be able to transfer to a small yellow bicycle when they get out of the metro station, which is both convenient and cheap, and they will no longer have to sit in unlicensed motorcycle taxis. Circulated among different users, bicycles on the road have been eventually able to fulfill their mission as a bicycle, facilitating users’ trip and bringing profits to the enterprises, mutual benefit and win-win result.


  As lack of management, the companies have been desperately trying to put vehicles on the ground, causing congestion in crowded places such as subway and bus stations. Photos of a bus stop in Beijing and the Shenzhen Bay Park surrounded by thousands of bicycles have been exposed; instead, the so-called convenient bicycles have become a hindrance to public transport in this case. Bicycle operation is susceptible to seasonal changes and weather conditions. If the weather is bad, you have to turn to other means of transportation. Leaving around leads to public disorder, and there will be no beauty in the city if the transport vehicles are so disorderly placed.